developer of award-winning software MK119

ONION 5 Key Factors

Market Leadership

We serve 80% of the Data Centres Solution market in South Korea.


A World-class Data Centre Monitoring Solutions that speak for itself.

Tailored Solutions

ONION provides Customer-Centred technologies built to handle unique needs.

Engineering Powered

90% of ONION employees are engineers well-versed in Data Centre Solutions.

Strategic Location

We’ve got offices in both Korea and Singapore.

Since 2000, ONION has been leading the data center management solution.

ONION began with Facility Management System (FMS) and by combining our FMS knowhow and Data Center knowledge, MK119 was developed and released in 2008 as the first dedicated Data Center management solution in Korea. Now, MK119 is the most widely used Data Center Management Solution in large & enterprise data centers in Korea. Our customers are happy, and so we’re happy ONIONs.

Customized Engineering

ONION is well-known for customized engineering service. Each data centre has different facilities and ways of operating, so we leverage high-skilled engineering to meet our client’s unique requirements.

Trusted by Great Companies Worldwide​

Colo DC operator


Public / Financial

“10 out of 10 Largest Colocation DC operators in Korea”​​

“10 out top 12 Korean Large Conglomerates”
selected MK119​

R&D Certificates and Patents in Data Centre Industry

Good Software Certifications​ ISO/IEC 9126, 25041, 2505

Green Certification for Technology

Advanced Technology Centre​

21+ Patents for ​ Monitor, Control & Optimization

Strong Innovative R&D Capability

ONION focuses on our R&D for innovation and sustainable development to allow us to remain competitive in the data centre industry. This led us to achieve over 21 patents for monitor, control & optimize technologies from improvement of energy usage and efficiency, analysis & optimize of power, and cooling to DC infrastructure.

Our R&D team is established to support our core data centre business technology. The team creates shared technological view of the world and focused on providing our clients with one stop software solution in data centre.